It’s not always about missing the call, it’s about how it’s answered

Over the last two years we have been evaluating our business and looking at what makes us so different to other answering/call centre services. We have had the pleasure of visiting a call centre and looking at what they do compared to us and really we are poles apart in what we do.

Obviously we answer calls just like they do but that’s where the similarities stop. Yes we answer the call and capture the information. The way we do this is very different because our receptionists (Not Call handlers or operators as they would be called in a call centre) answer the call and will know who the call is for but will know a little about your business and also all your staff members as well as the departments they are in.
In a call centre the call handler will have a call pop up on their computer screen which will tell them which company the call is for and also a script for how your call is answered . Their job is to answer quickly and really get you off the line as soon as possible so they can answer the next call. This is because call centres work on volume and really not always quality. They will only have limited options for whom to send the information to.


We on the other hand also answer the call but without formal scripts or time limits on taking the call because we would rather get as much information as possible. This sometimes has helped the companies we answer calls for actually gain more relevant and pertinent information. One example is when one of our receptionists answered a call and the person was a little forward and pushy about talking to the director, he came across as a hard-nosed sales person. We had a long conversation with the person and found out exactly what he wanted. It turns out he was actually the director of a well known national company and wanted 100s of his projects to have this particular product installed. Initially he was only talking about one project but when our receptionist asked the question he advised that it was really for hundreds of projects. Of course we transferred the call to the director informing him of the importance of the call. The sale was closed a few weeks later but turned out to be in the millions of pounds. So you see it’s not always about missing the call but more about how the call is answered.

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